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Idle Theory

Вкратце: чем больше мы "ничего не делаем", тем нам (и всем) лучше.

Внятное изложение основных принципов: Outline

... a form of natural selection operates, which rewards the most idle creatures with continuing life, and punishes the busiest with death. Nature, therefore, sets a premium on the highest idleness.
The primary human need is for idle time. This time need not be spent in complete inactivity. It can be used for games, pastimes, and the production of amusing luxuries. The time that can be devoted to these secondary wants is restricted by available idle time. If there is no idle time, there can be no games or luxuries. Thus there are two kinds of goods: primary tools which create idle time, and secondary luxuries which use up idle time.

Автор - Frank Davis, известный в жж как frank_davis.
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